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24 Apr

We are living in a digital era when most customers and users browse internet to search for information about brand or service. Most companies/businesses have their website with an aim to attract relevant traffic to their website to increase the sales and revenue. It is reality that algorithm of most search engines keep on changing, so to cope up with that every company has to use accurate digital marketing tools to target for a good rank.

Many times decisions have to be taken to revamp and redesign the website which is a lengthy process as it can take months of planning, designing, writing and developing codes before the final product is ready. Redesigning a website is a big project that requires many types of technical, financial, innovative, functional and crucial decisions.

One has to be careful to avoid all types of SEO mistakes while the website is being altered so that website performs efficiently at search engines.

Let’s go through some common SEO mistakes that are committed while redesigning the website.

1. First common mistake committed is defining the aims for the new websites. Suppose a website is redesigned to increase sales then the content and user’s experience must be kept in mind. While redesigning a website company must plan for the goals and target to be achieved, what group of customers to be targeted, their preferences must be taken care of.

2. Second most common mistake is not setting realistic benchmarks, from SEO point of view benchmarks should be total traffic, conversion rates, keyword mapping, bounce rates, time spent on each page and inbound links all these elements are very crucial.

3. Third mistake is opting for a faulty content management system and a poor hosting provider company. Company must opt for responsive web design with effective functions and efficient web hosting provider company and yes loading speed of website counts.

4. Forth mistake one of the popular SEO mistake is using temporary and permanent redirect in a wrong way. Company must understand redirects are very important particularly if the website is being redesign as it tells user where to find the content because it is not available at old URL.

5. Most companies commit mistake of not submitting the sitemap to most search engines which stats the URL for company’s website that clear search engine to be absolutely clear about company as a brand.

6. Mistake committed of not informing search engines about change in domain. Every company should inform all search engines that their old website is being revamped and a new sitemap informing about change in address must be submitted.

7. Next mistake most companies commit about not understanding real content management. Content must be relevant, interesting to read and of value to the users. Posting big large content appears boring to make it attractive one can use catchy images and titles.

These are just few mistakes as the list is very long and company opting to redesign its website must avoid these mistakes as it requires lot of manpower, time and money.

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