Ways how Content creates Customers CQPCHD
25 Apr

Gone are the days when we used to enjoy receiving information from radios or watching TV to get some latest information. Today medium of information has changed and also consumer’s response to marketing channels has changed.With the increasing popularity of digital channels most users browse internet to search information about products and services. Most users feel bit confused as information channels are growing day by day and they have stopped responding to marketing channel particularly traditional ones. If companies have to attract users they would have to search for unique methods like content marketing. Content is still the king and has the power to engage users converting them to loyal customers. Before we move to discuss the many types of content and how to use it to create customers.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating and then sharing blogs,articles, videos on varied social media not for purpose of promotion but to increase the interest of users in the products and services of company. In this marketing team create relevant, crisp and informative content for users with an aim to connect with users and converting them to customers.

Content can be of three types –

Informative content, sales content and promotional content.

1. Informative content – Information content is a long term strategy in attracting user and finally conversion to customers. When planning for content strategies this type of content is first created and posted .it can be blogs,articles,videos, infographics,free advices and instructions. Information content conveys the message to users about company as a brand and they can trust them to use their product and services. With the help of this content company can gradually have loyal customers?

2. Sales content-Sales content is also crucial but it has to very effective to draw attention of user to your content and website. Sales content has to convince user that they can offer a solution to their problem or queries. This content must persuade user to create thought about buying product and services of company, otherwise sales content is wastage of time and money.

3. Promotional content -This content is important to promote the information content on social media sites. But it produces result if company uses strategies to engage users to build an image of trust for company. Today self-promotion doesn’t give any result as main task is to create long lasting relations. Company must never convince users to use their products, service or boosting about their expertise .It is better to communicate with users and listening to what they are saying, their needs, problems and what solution company can offer them.

All these three types of content must be perfectly coordinated to achieve targets but even if one is absent that can put hindrances in fulfilling aims.

Let us analyze why investing in content marketing pays off well to company in form of more sales and revenue.

1. Creative and relevant content can be used to create and enhance brand awareness of company. Today customer trust brands they know very well so new start up or small companies must create content to introduce themselves to users with aim to build lasting relationships with them.it is good to engage them to know what your target audience wants and what you can offer them plus why they should use company’s products and services.

2. Relevant innovative content can connect with users offering them information about queries they have in their mind. Company has to treat users like people only not as revenue generator. A good content has the power to communicate with users understanding them and striving for a healthy long term relations. Company with good content marketing strategies always succeed to project themselves as a powerful brand.

3. As compared with word of mouth and traditional marketing content has a better reach with targeted customers. If the content created is valuable to the user company’s networks grows ten times faster. User if happy with content become your customers and also shares their thoughts to their family as well as friends so company networks grow manifold with time.

4. Content marketing is certainly a great way to build long lasting relations with targeted group of customers and engaging new customers also. Content marketing is not an advertising campaign but a strategy for creating good relations with customers.it requires investment in form of time, manpower and money but fact is that it always provides rich returns in form of trusted customers.

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