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22 Apr

Traditional marketing was quite different from digital marketing as companies would use direct or indirect methods of marketing to target their audience.But it required lots of manpower,money and time to produce the desired results.Though traditional methods worked superbly usually it took weeks or months to achieve the targeted results and normally it was too late to carry out any rectifications if needed.In recent years the marketing scene has drastically changed thanks to digitalization.Today the number of users on the internet are increasing so to take benefit of that every company /business has their own websites.Digital marketing today involves the use of digital tools to attract users to the website,interact with them turning them to loyal customers. The aim is always to target for more conversions and better revenue for the company.

In this era of competition, most companies plan to have a strong brand presence to leave your competitors behind to connect with the targeted audience for long lasting relation.Nowadays there are numerous opportunities available that can be tapped only with the help of digital marketing.It doesnot mean that traditional marketing is not used but it is being used along with digital marketing to achieve the planned strategies.Among all the many types of tools available it is necessary to choose the right digital marketing channels depending upon the customers being targeted. Let’s analyze some of the popular digital marketing channels that are being used these days –

1. Email marketing – Email marketing is a personal way of communicating with customers and it can be customized so that every communication is relevant to the audience.Today more than 2.5 million users use email so it is obviously effective whereas social media is to connect with targeted customer. Email marketing is about maintaining personal relations with the targeted group so that the company can attain its goal of better conversions.Email marketing is economical,very easy and a number of customers can be contacted with just one message.It is much more convenient to small business and also suits their budget.Email marketing suits when a company wants to build personal relations with prospective customers to generate more leads and also to maintain current customers while targeting new ones.One good thing about email marketing is that its results are measurable and in case of any deviations from targeted plans changes can be carried out for desired results.

2. PPC ads – PPC ads is an effective method to connect with the targeted group of customers in a short span of time company invest in bidding and the highest bidder can place his ads, but the fact is that advertising budget in within strict control of the company. PPC ads will be effective or not depends upon the right placement of accurate keywords to target the customers.

3. SEO – The number of people browsing the internet to search for information about product or service is increasing and this gives a perfect opportunity to company/businesses to increase their visibility on search engines this involved searches for accurate keywords using on/off page optimization both getting a good link and posting relevant content.

Besides this company can use social media marketing on varied social media, planning for content marketing, opting for content marketing and online public relations. While planning a digital marketing campaign company should not depend upon a single channel to produce all the results because every channel has its strength and weaknesses, the best thing is always to use the perfect mix of these tools and channels to achieve end goals.

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