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Web design includes no. of skills and development to produce as well as maintain the website. The varied areas in web design are web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimisation. Normally term we design is used for the front end design of the website that includes writing mark-ups. CQP is the best web designing company in Chandigarh offering responsive and creative websites as per the needs of client.

Website Maintenance

All companies big and small need to maintain their website to remain updated, engagecustomers, improve search engine rankings and provide information about new products and services. Over a period of time website maintenance is a crucial exercise.One main benefit of maintaining website is company keep the interest of exciting customers while attracting new ones. Website maintenance is also important to maintain and improve the rank on Google as poorly maintained websites are ranked low in search engines.CQP is best SEO company and web designing company in Chandigarh offering website maintenance services to its clients.


Search engine optimisation is a process to alter the visibility of website in web search engines organic results. Its main aim is to help the website on the first pages of Google search results. One can target many kind of searches like image search video search, academic search, news searches and industry specific searches. CQP is the best SEO company in Chandigarh helping clients to improve visibility on search engines.

Domain Registration

Domain name registration is getting name on the internet normally for a year but has to renew regularly. It is of utmost importance for the company as it gives a unique identity to the company. Domain registration give the information about the ownership to the customers. Price of any domain depends on its extension like .com domain is most common and affordable but some domains that are particular to company are very costly.CQP is best SEO company and web designing company in Chandigarh offering domain name registration services to its clients.


Web development involves the work for developing the website for internet or intranet. It includes plain text to most complex internet application known as web apps, electronic businesses and social network sites. CQP is best SEO company and web designing company in Chandigarh offering web development services to its clients. Web development normally refers to web design, web content development, client/server side scripting, web servers and network securities.

Content Writing

Content writing involves creating and posting relevant content on the website to engage the users in effective way. A good innovative content includes business related keywords that users normally use to search for the particular product and service. Main aim of good content is to improve the SEO part of the website. We at CQP offers the services of content writing to improve the ranking of company on search engines.