Website Maintenance

Websites are not meant to be static they have to changed and edited as per trends. Web maintenance becomes a necessary parts to edit, change and updation task for existing websites. Our main aim while doing website maintenance is to keep website up-to-date with latest so as to attract better quality traffic to website. Continuous addition to existing web pages is also important part of website maintenance.

Website maintenance services include:-

  • Redesigning the website totally – Changing the design of website altogether.
  • Changing logo and design elements –Changing existing logo and design elements on website.
  • PHP, JavaScript or any other server side code work – Carrying out the changes in technical details of website.
  • SEO services, creating and posting relevant content – Adding digital marketing services and concentrating on content creation and posting.
  • Migrating websites, changing domains and creating new sub-domains in existing websites.
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