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07 Mar

Website today are multiplying a great speed because almost all companies, business people, young entrepreneurs wont to have their online presence due to the advancement in the internet, no of users in every year has been increasing. Any company or business depends solely on the better engagement of user, more conversions means better sales and increase revenue for the company. Thatswhy everyone pays so handsomely to the web designers not only for the looks of the website but for its functional aspects.

Web designing is not only about putting good pictures or videos or adding vibrant colors, but it is also about how a website functions. It affects the SEO ranking of the company as user perception about the company as a brand influences the buying behavior of the user, so we cannot rule out good web design and layout directly influences the visibility of the company on search engines.

Most people still think that web design is all about choosing color scheme on the website but it’s only a part the most crucial thing is the loading speed of the website. Data shows the majority of visitors will leave the website if it takesmore than 3 seconds and it costs up company approx. 9000$ per minute if the website is unavailable means it has a hosting problem.

Key Elements of Modern Web Design

Every web Designer knows this fact that behind a good web design is important key elements or components which are accepted as a base. Let go through some of the crucial elements of web design.

  1. Vibrant color scheme – The first crucial element of web design is using the right combination of color schemes and the use of vibrant colors makes the website more attractive. But it’s not only that a web designer should use too many vibrant colors because it looks so distracting to eyes. So it is the accurate use of primary and secondary colors that brings magic to the website. For example of apple and Amazon website wherein the background, one color is used either black or white and one major color that can be silver, yellow and blue.
  2. Accurate white spaces – White space is a term used in web design, not for the white color it denotes empty spaces on the website different elements. White spaces provide a cleaner look at the web design that attracts the attention of visitors and looks better organized.
  3. Effective backend coding – every web designers understand these elements very clearly because it is the backend coding that matters and affects loading time, various functions and effective navigation. When a user logs into the website it is not the looks but the functional aspects of the website that make the better conversion.
  4. User-oriented design –This element of web design clearly states that a website should be user-friendly first and then search engine friendly to target for better ranking on search engines. Google is very smart it can always make out that company website is not user-friendly.
  5. SEO boosting elements – Every website is designed on the basic elements that it must improve search engine optimization of the website. There are design tricks like using Meta tags, title tags, heading tags H1 and HTML coding that helps a website in securing good rank on search engines.

All these elements are the foundation stone of the web design if the foundation is strong and healthy the building (website will function excellently producing killer results.

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