Understanding the process and working of PPC cqpchd
09 Mar

PPC full form Pay per click is a very effective and result oriented marketing strategy that can generate revenue for the business in big amounts. PPC is today used by many companies with an aim to target for increased ROI.Most companies often design theirPPCcampaigns without clearly grasping the process that leads to campaigns falling flat.

How it works

In the process of PPC,there are basically three parties Advertisers,Middle man and Publishers.Companies and business to promote their products by advertising on the PPC network like AdWords,bing ads,ads on Facebook to name just a few channels.pay per click derives the name as when a visitors clucks the ads money us charged by the network.Amount to paid in PPC depends mainly on targeted keyword and competition amount can be small or big.As there are less number of advertising spaces are available on Google home page and if the advertisers are more in number competing for the same keywords prices will definitely be high.Then bidding takes places to decide who will bag the chances to advertise.

What is the process of PPC

It is a process where a company who advertise has to pay an amounteverytimethe user clicks their ads. PPC, therefore, is to pay a fee to attract users to the website of the company instead of organically earning them.One of the most popular forms of PPC is advertising on search engines and companies normally make a bid to place their ads on search engine links that are sponsored.Well planned PPC campaigns generate good ROI, the process starts with to select accurate keyword after proper research and organize all right keywords into campaigns plus ad groups.After this company sets up landing pages for PPC campaigns fully optimized to target for excellent conversions.Companies who design and plan their PPC campaigns cautiously are charged less by search engines as a way of reward.

Understanding the working of Google ads – Google ads earlier known as Google AdWords is the most popular advertising method for PPC around the globe.This platform helps business people advertise for their products and service on a google search engine as well as all properties under Google.This Google ad platform works on PPC model that is based on bidding on right keywords and after ad placement paying for each click,the user makes.There are two methods Google uses to choose a few winner companies first is CPC bid means the highest amount advertiser is paying. Second is score quality wise that is relevant plus the quality of keywords,click rate of website and landing pages quality and relevancy.This ad ranking system of Google is wonderful that gives an opportunity for advertisers to bid for keywords to suit their budget. PPC ads are very famous on Google as it is a well-known search engine that has huge traffic so can give good benefits to an advertiser in the form of better conversions and ROI.To be successful in PPC ads company must choose accurate keywords,quality of landing pages plus a high score quality wise.

Managing PPC campaigns – Company should manage their PPC campaigns successfully to get the aimed benefits.To manage these campaigns company must –

Research and use relevant long tail keywords as per the business.

Negative keywords must be avoided at all cost as they waste time and money both

The company can split the ad groups into smaller concise groups for better CTR and improve the quality score.

The company can skip costly and low performing keywords.

Lastly, improve landing pages for a better user experience.

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