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06 Mar

Search Engine Optimization is process of affecting the visibility of your website in search engines by way of organic searches not paid one. Main aim is always to get higher and frequent ranks on most search results to attract relevant customers to website. Most people think of SEO in terms of keywords only but it may be noticed that there are other factors also that matters. Having an attractive is not enough as it must be able to connect with user through its interactive content. Most thing that matters is the user experience that must be excellent for good conversions.

Google while ranking website only see the relevance of keywords on pages but also the time user normally spend on Web Pages but also bounce rates, broken links, pages viewed, inbound and out bound links. To target for good ranks in search results company has to use right keywords but that is half story other half is user friendliness of website.

To improve the ranks company must know that provides high rank to those website that are user friendly,better engagement power, average time spend and repeated visit. Let’s go through some tips that can besides increasing usability enhance SEO ranking—

1. First tip is to be particular about the relevant content on website as user then will stay for some time to go through the information. Though content of 2000 to 2500 words is appropriate to aim for good ranks but inclusion of right keywords, getting more out bound links is must to encourage user to read your information. Users bookmarking your content provides a good chance to better ranks.

2. Second tip is to keep the loading speed of website to the minimum as it is factor that is seen in Google ranking algorithm. Data shows users will wait only for 3 to4 seconds for website to load if more time is being taken they will leave the website. This increases the bounce rates reducing the page viewed all these things can really tarnish the company’s image. Company can reduce the size of images, plugins and minimizing redirects.

3. Posting relevant content is not enough thing but more important is to keep updating it as users normally visit website in search of new content. To improve ranks company know the fact that Google loves the new content so chances of enhanced ranking increases.

4. Company targeting for higher ranks must make their website link worthy that means links must be relevant.Instead of just putting click here links one can use descriptive links and link them with keywords.This exercise improves the chances for getting good ranks on search engines.

5. One can use alt tags or alternative text to explain your visuals so as to make it easy for search engines to locate your pages specially for screen readers and who use text only browsers.

6. Company can install Google analytics, Google search consoles to keep track of your website progress.

7. Keep on doing Keyword researches so as to select and use phrases that go perfectly with your website, it can help you to get a better rank.

8. Use attractive title tags to inform user about your website and keywords must be included in it particularly those which user use.

9. Be sure to build web page with HTML header tags as they are more than just style it can really help company to target for a good rank.

10. Duplicate and irrelevant content can really irritate user and also Google so better avoid it or forget about good ranks in search engines.

Company must keep one fact in mind taking all steps to improve SEO takes time and consistent efforts plus lots of dedication so for a good rank use Effective SEO techniques after planning for the goals to be achieved.

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