Importance of Web Hosting For Business
11 Mar

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting services that helps people and companies/businesses to make the website accessible to users with the World Wide Web. Web host are the companies that provide space on a server owned or leased that can be used by clients also provide internet connectivity in a data center.  To host a website on the internet hosting company need to have their own computers or servers. Not all the companies have money and expertise to offer this service.

Web hosting companies offer to users to host their website on their own servers without the need of any type of infrastructure and expertise.  Trust worthy and credible web hosting is important part of a creatively designed website. The most businesses today are aware that building a website is half the work, other crucial part is choosing the right hosting company for the business.

Web hosting must be seen as an important investment and a foundation for the website as if the foundation is weak the building also won’t last long.

What is Web Hosting?

After the creation and designing of website is complete there are important files and data that must be stored safely in order to be accessible whenever it is needed. Normally web hosting company charge monthly fees to host company’s file, information and data secure in their servers. This collection of servers is known as data centers who have excellent power backups, accurate network connection and security measures, air conditioning, and every type of infrastructure that is needed.

Company who provides the web hosting services also provide the services of server maintenance, updating softwares and hardware’s, any troubleshooting problems and 24*7 availability.

Web Hosting can be of many types

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Reseller web hosting
  3. Virtual dedicated servers
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Manage hosting
  6. Colocation web hosting
  7. Cloud hosting
  8. Clustered hosting
  9. Gird hosting

Benefits of Web Hosting

  • High reliability and up timeReliability and server uptimeavailability of website anywhere and anytime company needs it. Almost all the hosting companies they abide by the rules of 99.9% uptime. So before a company slash business choose a web hosting service provider they must make sure their uptime policy because they must have the access to website whenever they need it.
  • Bandwidth and storage –bandwidth clearly means traffic and number of page views a website can handle every month. While taking a service of web hosting service provider company must make sure that they receive unlimited bandwidth. Second thing is storage and every company has different requirement for storage if a company is storing videos, data, content they need more storage system.
  • Good customer support – Before taking services of any hosting provider business/company must make sure that their customer support services are excellent. Many times their will be emergency issues any problem in website web hosting provider must provide company accurate support.
  • Clear pricing – Company must discuss with the service provider what prices they are going to charge for the services company is taking. It is always best to choose a hosting company that has clear pricing policy and no hidden charges.

While choosing a hosting provider company must choose a provider of excellent quality that has trust and credibility in the market as the company is investing time and money both. So choosing poor quality host can tarnish the image of website and company both.

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