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20 Feb

Today we are living in the digital age when the internet users and most businesses /companies have web presence to have effective communications with their group of customers. Every company today has its own website but apart from being beautiful, it should have the capacity to engage users efficiently. Communication with the user must be productive enough to turn them into loyal customers to generate better revenue. Web design and development has to adopt perfect strategies as per the new trends of digital marketing to leave a forceful impact on users.

Here comes the dependency of web design and development on strategies as they are like a road map which provides good guidance. To empower ones brand every company has to be sure that web developer and designer keep right strategies in mind in the course of designing a website. It is with the help of adopting accurate strategies that a website stays ahead of competition.

We can go through the following strategies that are crucial for a website to move with changing trends—

1. Planning for a responsive web design—Today the mantra for success is web design should be responsive and only responsive web design is the real web design.Resposiveness means web design must be uniform on any type of screen used by users like laptop,tablet and mobile phone. Having a website that is responsive saves the company from making different website for varied screen. It is easy to update the website and also analysising its working becomes easy.

2. Going for software prototyping—Web designer before finalising the design can use software prototyping that means using sample or model to test the effectiveness of design and programs. Once everything is ok then the entire projects of web design can be finalised like code and all elements. This ensures that the final project is perfect as it saves time as well as money.

3. Working in team—it is always better to have a team of expert as every person can give accurate advice.A team should has web designers,developers,coding expert,ITspecialist, digital marketing experts, and server experts. All these experts when work together like a team the project of web developing is always a big success.

4 Customizing the apps— Every web developer and designer should customize the apps to suit the needs of particular client instead of using templates. It must be kept in mind to use ones creativity and uniqueness while finalising designs as template are too dull as well boring.

5 Testing the project for its validity—As the task of web development finishes it is always best to test the web design for its accuracy and for validity of other elements. Website should not only look attractive but relevancy to company’s brand and its functional effectiveness is mandatory. That should be checked before handing over the site to client so that it works as planned.

6. Planning a SEO friendly design and development— Developing a website that goes well with SEO part is must and it must be developed to perform well at most search engines. One can use HTML format for crucial portions, using relevant content and keywords, useing good quality links while developing and designing a website. Website has to be as per the SEO trends to target for a good rank in search engines.

7. During development phase of website it must be kept in mind that it should be GDPR compliant otherwise penalties for non compliant companies are severe.GDPR is the legal framework which states that how companies collect, store and use data.

8. It will be much better if web developer and designers while making a website choose the option of custom software development. It means designing software applications for a particular client as per their needs and requirement. One benefit of using this approach is that it is very flexible so changes can be done any time easily.

9 It is very crucial for web developer and designer to use the full stack java script allows them to be more versatile. Also, care should be taken to use the right devops tools for effective collaboration with end users.

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