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20 Feb

Digital marketing is here to stay and it is important for marketing people to have a proper strategy to know that the marketing is going in right direction. Planning good strategies is very important to engage the targeted group of customers in a fruitful way. In this time of competition to stay ahead of competitors, it is imperative for company people to have well planned strategies. Planning must be done carefully after setting of goals so that the accurate strategies can be planned.

Many times strategies fail as people confuse between strategies and tactics. A strategy is an action plan which is specially planned for achieving goals that are set for long term. So strategy is Concerned with what, why and where aspects. Whereas tactics is chiefly about how to achieve the strategies. In reality, strategy must always be given priority before tactics as putting tactics in first place can fail all your plans. Strategies only work well if there are good tactics used so both complement each other.Success mantra is that one needs both for excellent results both are crucial for a successful campaigns.

Thought there are many strategies of digital marketing but the latest ones in trend that produce results are–

1. SEO—One of the most important strategy to consider is SEO though it is a bit challenging task due to changing Google algorithms. Having an expert in team that is well versed with the concepts and basics of digital marketing. Latest strategy that most companies use is HTTP format as it is sign for secure web sites.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM)—Search engine marketing is gaining popularity as a method to better ranks in Google using paid methods. Company must have an expert who has knowledge of SEM concepts. As per the company’s business and targeted customer, they can choose the type of ads like graphic ads, you tube video ads and ads in mobile apps.There are options of Facebook ads also which provides many types of customized opportunities to businesses.

3. Content marketing— Today content marketing is one of the most important strategy to engage with targeted group of audience. Companies as per their products and services create relevant, creative content. Content posting has to be a regular exercise but above all, it must be attractive enough to engage companies group of audience. Content today is king so one must stress on mobile marketing.

4. Responsive web designs— This strategy of digital marketing always produce result as Responsive websites adjust to the different types of screens. Google also prefers Responsive website while ranking them so this strategy is not the one to be ignored. Company has to be very sure that web site is Responsive to produce good results.

5. E-Mail marketing—This is one of the strategy that is used today by most companies-Mail marketing produce more leads and better conversions. This strategy is the most economical but its results are much more effective.

6. Influencer marketing—Hiring an influencer to do influencer marketing that certainly promotes the brand of company. Influencer person need not to be a celebrity or a VIP it can be a person that has number of followers and an excellent experience of promoting products. It is must for every company to measure and track the results of influencer marketing.

To be successful companies must have well defined goals then strategies must be planned accordingly so that goals can be achieved.

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