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19 Nov

Social media is revolutionising our lives and business people also as it is being used now for variety purpose.It can be used for personal communication, sharing images and videos, for content marketing, customer support and branding. Social media today offers perfect opportunities to companies to communicate with their customers to build and enhance their brand power.

Before one understand branding strategies it is must to know what is branding. Branding is marketing practice of creation of a name, symbol or design that differentiates it from product of competitors. Branding the product means giving a promise to your customer about what to expect from companies product and services.

Branding strategy of company is concerned with how,what,where,when and to whom that clarifies the group of customers with whom company intends to communicate. Social medias and distribution channels are all part of branding strategy. Effective and consistent branding strategies adds good value to the products and services of company.

Business /companies use different social medias like facebook, twitter, Instagram to name a few t execute their branding strategies. Let us go through some branding strategies that produce result for companies—

  1. Select the accurate media— Most important thing for company is to select the accurate social media as per the business of company. Though all social medias seems attractive but all are not perfectly fit for company. Main tough task is to choose the media that suits your company failing to do so can make company fall flat. For any company who is finding hard to opt for a particular media where their customers are active ne can take help of social media demographics.
  2. Use visual effects for better results— To get good result company must plan for visual branding that means using a peculiar colour scheme, using exactly same logo. Every logo,image or picture must be consistent on all social channels. If company has a social media marketing team then it is always best to create templates for graphics for a consistency in fonts,coloursand designs.
  3. Reflecting company’s culture— Brand personality of business or companymust be reflected in all social media posts. This also means having voice in social medias it is a method as to how company communicates with its customers. Company must reflect its culture as to what they are and what makes them special. Company must be very authentic in all its communications with its group of customers.
  4. Being consistence in posting—Consistency is required in posting content regularly as being irregular can certainly fail all your efforts. Posting content one a month or twice can make customer forget your company and brand.Now a day’s there is social media publishing and analytics tool available with the help of which company can determine the intervals at which posting should be done.
  5. Promoting company’s profile—Just creation of profile is not an ultimate exercise company must promote it also. It is a way to inform the customers about company and profiles on different social medias. It is a mistake to assume that our current customers know us so there is no need for any promotion. To achieve success in branding strategy company has to promote itself whenever and wherever possible by printing flyers and brochures as well linking it to the company’s website.
  6. Increasing engagement with customers— A good to get success in branding strategies on social medias is to engage and interact with your targeted group of customers frequently. Company must answer to all their queries on social media to build a trust, as ignoring this exercise can cost very dearly to company.

Company should always build a relation between social media andbranding first instead of just sharing content and increasing followers. One must learn to make social media branding a priority to connect effectively with theircustomers. Winners funda is plan your branding strategies well to get success.

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