19 Nov

Business /companies today utilize social medias for Marketing purpose as out of various social medias Face book has emerged as the most powerful one from many years now. There is no  doubt about the benefits of Face book for individual user, small business and established business. Though face book  initially started as a platform to stay connected with family and friends but currently it has emerged as a most effective medium to market the company’s product ,business  and services.

Today most companies companies /business have their face book page to stay connected to their targeted audience .It  is a part of marketing strategy  to attract more traffic with a motto to engage them in a fruitful way to convert them to loyal customers. Now a day’s face book is used frequently by companies as a marketing tool for both organic and paid marketing campaigns.

That’s why  most businesses big or small use face book as a marketing tool to improve brand  image ,to interact with their target group, make customer aware of their products and services, convincing them about company’s credibility . An experienced Marketer has aptly remarked that large number of customers young and matured use face book so every company should use it as a marketing strategy.

Let us see some of the clear benefits of using face book marketing for business—

1—Better exposure globally—face book is no doubt  ruling supreme among all social medias with over approx. 1.3 billion users  and around above 1.50 billion of people who actively use face book  on day to day basis. With the ever increasing users it is now a hot favourite among most business /companies who now a days have their own face  book page  to present their company as a brand among its target group. Face book ads today as a means of powerful marketing  is gaining popularity and is being actively used to engage the audience company is targeting.

2—To manage company’s reputation—Company’s also use face book  marketing to counter the negative propaganda  and criticism carried by their competitors. This powerful media is used to explain company’s stand by putting their clarifications, to address customers concerns and  asking the customers to share their views about the company, specially the loyal ones who always come up with positive comments about company product and services .nestle company used its face book page to counter negative campaign about its brand Maggie and with continuous efforts it gained success .

3—To build good relations—Most company executives of business houses have their face book profile in individual capacity which is used effectively to build better links with its customers. Numbers of face book users are increasing  and majority have their profile on face book so this media is being used by company officials in individual capacity  and also using the company pages to have healthy interactions with customers. This strategy works good in all condition like branding exciting products, launch of new products or change in existing products.

4—Low cost strategy—face book marketing is much more economical as compared to other social medias channels and this makes it too popular media for marketing purpose. Today small and medium businesses use conveniently face book as a marketing strategy due to its cost effectiveness. Even the big business houses before going for bigger marketing campaigns  go for trial marketing campaigns on facebook.

5—Customer support can be provided-most companies have their face book pages and customers often asks queries about a product or a clarification about a service which can be clarified by company officials by giving proper clarifications. This method is much better than writing letter individually  as face book interactions are very fast and quite effective.

6—To increase  the brand awareness-face book has indeed emerged as a powerful social media  with majority of company having their company’s page used to communicate with their customers. This company page is used to inform customers about their exciting range of products, services ,new launched products and any information updates about company .all these things increase brand awareness of company before its target group of customers.

7—Basic information can be shared—besides sharing information about its product and  services companies interact with its customers by giving important company information like appointment of new executives, opening of new offices, some social event campaigns that company is going to organise. Main purpose of company is to keep its customers informed about the company.

To conclude face book is going to rule as a supreme media  among  the businesses and companies in the near future.

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