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30 Mar

In the process of web development and designing there are terms used in its front end and back end. Whereas front end development is chiefly concerned with looks that user sees but the backend development is all about nicely written codes for excellent functioning of the website.

Before we move ahead to have a look at popular front end frameworks let us understand what is front end framework.

These frameworks are also known as CSS frameworks and are packages of pre-written codes in files as well as folders.These frameworks offer a strong base with lots of flexibility to alter the final product.Front end frameworks include components like a grid to simplify varied design elements,many types of typography for different purposes, components like side panels, buttons and navigation bars that are normally prebuilt.

Benefits of front end frameworks –

  • It saves costly time so nowadays websites are created and launched in less time duration.
  • Any type of additions is easier as these frameworks are flexible enough to carry any changes easily.
  • As the codes are prewritten, very much tested and workable so no coding tensions.

There is a number of front end frameworks which have its plus and minus as well as specified application.So one can choose the frameworks as per the need of the project,but these frameworks are quite flexible so a component can be taken from one framework and even can be mixed as per the convenience.

Let us analyze some of the well-known front end frameworks –

  1. Bootstrap -Bootstrap is certainly the most wonderful tool that is the reason why most websites are working successfully. It won’t be wrong to say on the basis of its growing popularity that it is the leader of all frameworks in use today. Technically bootstrap though is not best as compared to other tools but its huge resources are equivalent to four front end frameworks.
  2. Foundation by Curb -Foundation is at number two and the most advanced responsive front end framework in the world.It is backed by powerful company Curb and has a strong framework so used by popular websites like Facebook,Mozilla, eBay, Yahoo and natural geographic channel to name just a few.Foundation is 100% professional tool with training facilities available it is easy to learn this framework and use it while web designing very conveniently.
  3. Semantic UI – It is one of the most wonderful front end frameworks which is based on natural language principle that makes it easy to read and understand.its innovative nature,clear cut logic and its clear conventions plus solid frameworks make it highly popular framework.
  4. Pure by Yahoo -Pure is a framework from yahoo which has a set of small CSS modules used in most projects.It is a lightweight framework quite adjustive can be used separately or in parts as per the needs.it is perfect in projects where the need is for particular components for that work.
  5. UIkit by YOOthemes -UIkit is a front end framework though not as popular as its competitors but is known for its superb functions and quality.It includes components that are easy to use and can be customized.This framework is used in WordPress themed websites as it has its own manual customized mechanism with a flexible approach.
  6. Stylus -This is a very stylish and highly expressive CSS language used chiefly in node.js applications.
  7. It is a free open source CSS framework that is gaining popularity as nearly 15000 web developers are using it with great ease.This framework has minimal requirements, is highly responsive and has a 12column grid system. Bulma is very convenient to learn and grasp for newcomers so they can learn it as well as used to customize the websites.
  8. Materialize – Materialize is based on Google material design specifications and is responsive front end frameworks today.This framework has a number of components that are ready to use as icons,forms,buttons and cards.it come in two versions standard one and other that can be run on sass,both can be used as per convenience.This framework is suited for beginners but contains a number of components and supports all devices.

All these mentioned frameworks are equally good but if you are a beginner then Bootstrap is best for it is more convenient to use. Butan experienced developer who is already using bootstrap can try UIkit framework due to its advanced functions but it requires knowledge to use it thoroughly.

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