How Artificial Intelligence is Molding the Future of Web Development
11 Apr

Artificial intelligence is most talked about thing that is here to stay and will play a deciding role in the future of web development and design. Today there are many companies like wix, adobe and firedrop to name just a few that are using artificial intelligence professionally to make web design and development much easier.

AI being the latest trend in digitalization is revolutionizing the internet world. Today artificial intelligence is using by many business houses to improve their production processes and other management strategies. Before we move to analyze role of AI in web design and development we should be very clear what artificial intelligence is.?

Artificial intelligence term was first used in 1956. In computer language AI is also termed as machine intelligence that means intelligence by machines and this concept is just opposite to the natural intelligence displayed by human beings and animals.

Today artificial intelligence is associated with machines that can do cognitive functions normally associated with human mind like learning and problem solving. Today from chess to automatic operating cars and content delivery networks all are examples of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is of three types –

  1. Artificial narrow intelligence – An AI ability to imitate human intelligence which is limited to narrow parameters is known as ANI. Examples rankbrain by Google and Siri by Apple.
  2. Artificial general intelligence – when artificial intelligence is same as of human intelligence it is called AGI. Example world fastest supercomputer fujitsu built K.
  3. Artificial super intelligence – ASI is when machine intelligence bypasses the human mind. Research work is still going on artificial super intelligence.

Benefits of AI

1. It is increasingly being used in banks and financial companies to handle the financial operation and offering customers customized best solutions.

2. AI is nowadays in medical field in creating personal healthcare assistance, for customer support and in research work.

3. AI is increasingly being used in heavy industries in form of Roberts transferring one place to other.

4. It is also used in managing employees record get accurate data for strategies and lead generations.

5. Air transport today cannot work without the help of AI. Most of the air controlling system in air transport works on artificial intelligence.

6. It is also being used in TV and computer games like super Mario. But today there are many games which work on artificial intelligence.

Role of AI in web design and development

Let analyze few examples where AI is being use today

  1. The Grid – With the advancement in digital technologies most business owners have their own websites to connect with their target group of customers. The grid used today in website development uses AI technology for deciding layout of elements on websites, color schemes and general layouts.
  2. Wix –with the help of artificial intelligence it becomes easier for web designers even with no coding experience by just putting the preferences and the rest work done by AI. But wix and grid in the future will increasingly use AI to fulfill the user expectation in effective way.
  3.  Fire drop – firedrop is other best example of AI backed website builder which uses concept of machine learning. Firedrop is not yet utilizing the power of artificial intelligence but in future it will take help of AI.

Though the future is not exactly known to us but in the future it is 100% sure that AI will revolutionize the future web design and development.

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