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30 Apr

We cannot simply deny the fact that social media today are becoming a very powerful marketing tool to connect with a targeted group of audience.This tool helps companies and businesses to have a strong brand presence and to stay relevant for audience targeted.Research data shows that more than 92% of marketing people believe that social media has helped them achieve their targets conveniently.This clearly means companies who are not choosing and using social media accurately they are lagging behind their competitors.But the point is that choosing the right social media is on the more crucial depending on the business, services and goals of the company.Though theyarea number of social media popular one are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Google + to name just a few.

Point is how to select particular social media there are three steps –

  1. The company must identify its targeted audience and this choice has to be narrowed down to very particular.There are some queries that must be asked like who exactly is customer,their age and sex, education and income level,do they use your product and services.Now it is time to answer these question to be clear about the target audience.
  • Defining the aims to be achieved – Next step after the company is clear about its customers is to plan for the aims to be achieved.All the strategies are to be based on goals company is pursuing,it can generate sales, enhance brand power,attract more customers as well as retaining old ones or get massive customer support for a new product or service launched. For example,Netflix uses twitter to handle any problems faced by customers so the happy customers speak highly of the company brand.
  • Locating your customer group – The third step is to locate which social media your group of customers is using. Like the young age group is more active on Instagram though they use Facebook.Let’s go through some facts to be considered while choosing a specific social media for your company/business.
  1. Facebook – Facebook rules the heart of over 2 billion users per month.Most users are between the age of 25 to 54 so Facebook is perfect for generating leads and also it can be customized as per a particular group of customers.It can be perfectly used by the company to aim for life long relationships by connecting with your customers. The aim is always to convert a user to loyal customers with the help of long-form content and also video marketing.One has to keepin mind that Facebook has tough competition so strategies must be thoroughly planned.
  2. Twitter – This popular social media is used by users under the age of 50 so can be utilized when some important news is to be announced.Though article, quotation,images are also used text-based content still works best for Twitter that can be easily read plus understand.
  3. LinkedIn-This is also a very popular social media fit for B2B business transactions specifically to generate leads.Age group active on this media us between 30 to 49 so plans can be made to engage customers for better conversions.This platform can be used to increase brand power to emerge as a leader in particular fields.
  4. Pinterest – There are more women active on this social media so can be utilized to generate increased sales.All creative activities like interior decoration,food and tasty cuisine, art latest fashion and travel with the help of stunning and beautiful images.
  5. Instagram -55% of its users are in the age group of 18 to 29 and 28% of users are in the age group of 30 to 49.This media is ideal for business tha5 deals with visual and physical products to communicate with your customers by using direct messaging. The companycan use good images,motivational quotes, and hashtags to engage your targeted group in an effective manner.
  6.  Snapchat – This social media can be utilized for a younger age group to convey urgent messages.Audio messaging and video calling can be used to connect with the audience.
  7. Youtube-It can be used effectively to create and post innovative videos to reach the customer group.

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