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02 May

SEO name is used these days frequently for its increasing role in making website of any company visible to customers. It is just like having a shop that sells product with proper name and images of the product displayed inside and outside shop. It is obvious that customer will find it easy to locate to shop for the product.SEO in digital marketing makes convenient for website to be easily located, categorized and crawled by search engine .In an era of tough competition it help website of a company to stand out distinctively.

It is SEO that help a particular website gets a good rank on search engines so that when a user types a certain keyword it is visible to him/her. Data shows there are approx. 14billion searches every month and out of that a small fraction can be for your business. But to grab the attention of user website has to maintain good rank on SERP,must plan social media strategies properly and also use PPC plus other digital marketing tools accurately.

These days nearly 74% of customers browse internet to get information about a product or service and mostly first or second page of google gets user attention. Majority of customers also pay attention to online reviews of customer about a specific product or service.

Working of SEO – It is important to see how SEO works since they are not human beings but software’s that pays attention to text. Let’s analyze how SEO works –

1. Crawling – Every search engine has a crawler which is a software in google it is google bot.Though many times crawler do not crawl website daily it can be after 15 days or month. But one should know what things crawler can crawl.It cannot crawl images, java script frames flash movies, directories and pages protected by passwords. A website having maximum of these elements should carry out keyword test to see whether the website is being crawled or not. It must be noted that websites that are tough to be crawled will fall flat on search engine results.

2. Indexing –After the crawling next comes is indexing that is storing the specific indexed webpages in big data base so that they are visible when user searches for an information using keyword. For search engines it us a routine task but problem arises when search engine fails to understand content posted or find it not relevant.

3. Searching task –When a user searches for information with a particular keyword it matches this with relevant web pages stored .So we can say SEO is all about relevancy of web pages with the keywords used in search engines by user.

4. Algorithms – Algorithm analyses the user keyword used while searching and matches it with the relevant web pages stored. There are three types of algorithms used today, onsite, offsite and whole site. Different search engines has varied algorithms and they after peculiar aspects of webpage like meta tags, title tags, various links and density of keywords. Every search engine keep on changing algorithms frequently so every company has to change accordingly to maintain and improve its rank.

5. Retrieve – It means that end results are visible in the results of search engines.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing –

We can analyze the reasons why SEO is crucial for digital marketing campaigns –

1. SEO gives a good rank to website and visibility also that attracts more visitors to the website as well as more conversions.

2. SEO provides company an opportunity to track and measure its results of digital campaigns. In case of any deviation company can always change its policies. A company that scales the user thought process can aptly compare its investments and ROI both.

3. SEO is more cost effective and also precise as compared to the traditional methods of marketing. Company can target a specified customer group with less investment of money,manpower and time.

4. SEO makes it easier for user and search engine to find the webpages easily. It arranges the links in such a way that it becomes easy for user and search engine to look for information.

5. SEO helps to enhance the brand awareness and power of company’s website by helping it to rank well in serp.

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