21 Jan
  • A Website Page speed is something that is frequently disregarded while making a site. In any case, it is essential for the both clients and web crawlers.
  • Page speed refers to the measure of time a guest needs to hold up until your page is loaded totally. Websites which takes ages to stack are surely punished by Google for being excessively slow. 20% of individuals leave a website that takes more effort to load and 80% of clients won’t return.
  • Over the years, the demand for speed is increased as the business become more aware of the opportunities to generate targeted leads and enhance revenue through SEO.
  • A decent page speed will compensate you better natural outcomes. Page speed is a significant angle for customer engagement and lead generation. A quick site implies better transformations.
  • We are going to discover why page speed has become a basic factor for SEO, factors influencing your page speed and how to boost it.

Why Page Speed is very important?

  • User Experience:  The main objective of your website is to generate leads. It is no secret that a positive user experience often leads to better conversion rate. Web performance is user experience. Your site’s experience determines how much your audience trusts your brand, returns to your site, and shares it with others. Website which loads slowly frustrates the user and results into a bad user experience while a fast website ensures good user experience.
  • Lead Generation and Customer Engagement:
    Your website architecture or content quality doesn’t make a difference much if your website takes over 3 seconds to load. Almost certain, clients have no issue in moving onto the next one and never return again. A moderate site executes conversion rate and customer engagement. Website having incredible speed has more website hits and produces huge incomes.
  • SEO & Keyword Rankings:
    In 2010, Google announcedd that it will regard page speed as a ranking factor. Over the years, Google is focusing on delivering the best onsite user experience possible. So, to that logic Page speed become crucial SEO factor On the off chance that your page sets aside longer effort to upload, at that point you’re taking on a losing conflict for top natural outcomes. Regardless of how proficient your web architecture or nature of your content is, Google will at present punish you. Then again, a quicker page guarantees rich client experience, less working costs, better rankings and conversions.

Why your Page Speed is Very Low?

Page speed is low because of

  • Unoptimized Browser and Apps
  • Poor choice of Web Hosting
  • Your theme
  • File Types & Sizes
  • Compact Code
  • External Embedded Media
  • Too much Plugins
  • Plenty of Online Ads

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