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22 Jan

1.     Boost Organic Search Results with Quality Content

Natural traffic is the best traffic source ever. Better the traffic, the better the result. The present web search engines deploy advanced algorithms that rank websites based on content quality, importance and recency of content. Search engines also give weightage to social engagements such as shares and likes. Only relevant and quality content would be shared and liked more. Websites with high domain authority would also link to your site only if you consistently produce quality content that is not just relevant but original as well.

2. Generate more Qualified Leads with Gated Content

Common content formats for example, white papers, digital books, inquire about reports and online course, and so forth can be gated with a web form. Depending on the necessary channels, the complexity of the web forms can be improved. For example, it’s a common practice to add a few custom questions in addition to the basic business card information. Although the practice of gated content has been criticised by a segment of marketers who feel that gated content leads to a relatively poor consumer experience, , it’s an extraordinary method to create profoundly qualified leads.

3. Increase Conversion Rate by Mapping Content with the Buyer Journey

Website traffic has consistently been a significant KPI for conventional advertisers. What’s more, in spite of the fact that advertisers have been able to increase traffic to the website, they have not been either support or convert at a similar pace. One of the essential reasons have been the lack of relevant content.

Google Ads or PPC Ads on social platform, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn offers enough channels for advertisers to have the option to show promotions to the right audience However, a large chunk of this traffic goes to just a few landing pages with generic content. The need is to analyze the pattern of content consumption within each subset of the larger audience. There should be enough content for each subset to engage with based on the stage of the buyer journey they are in. From there, similar content can be used to remarket to those leads on different platforms.

4. Manage Online Reputation through Content Amplification

Online survey has become a vital piece of the exploration led during seller choice. And negative remarks are bound to come to every business. It’s not a great practice to delete or hide unfavorable comments or remarks. Social listening is significant. Each negative comment must be replied at the earliest opportunity. In any case, simultaneously, organizations should continue producing quality substance to feature their skill and thought authority. It is important to distribute great customer feedback and amplify such content pieces across all possible online channels. Prospects won’t mind a few negative remarks after reading 10x positive comments and feedback. A good online reputation builds trust in the brand. The decision maker feels more confident to take a purchase decision in favour of the given brand. And, of course, all this leads to greater outcomes in terms of increased sales over a period of time

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