Importance of Website Maintenance for Business cqpchd
06 Mar

Web development and designing is must the first phase because the task doesn’t end here as website has to be maintained on regular basis just like our body, car and house. Most non-technical people confuse website maintenance with correcting the errors, but it is more than that. In website maintenance visual appearance, adding new system and updates with time, inclusion of new relevant content is all must has.

Website of a company represents the business or company as a brand which must be continuously updated for the company to stay ahead in competition. It is equally important to big and small businesses. A properly maintained website adds value to the company’s product or services being perceived by the customers.

Website maintenance is not only to solve issues and mistakes, but also to keep website healthy, attractive enough to engage customers to improve the SEO campaigns and also Google ranking. List of website maintenance task that must be done regularly some weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Weekly Task

  1. Make sure all web pages are loading without any problem.
  2. Take backups regularly and store them.
  3. Regularly updates software and plugins.
  4. Make sure all forms are running accurately.
  5. Removing the spamming comments from pages and posts.
  6. Checking broken links.
  7. Searching for 404 errors and correcting them.
  8. Creating and posting relevant content to attract traffic.

Monthly Task

  1. Checking the loading speed of website and analyze what are the factors responsible for it.
  2. Do security scans every month to be absolutely sure everything in its place.
  3. Analyzing website statistics every month and comparing it with last month figure.
  4. Go through with the content and blog on the website to check if there is need for updation.

Quarterly Task –

  1. Every quarterly company must get the website design and structure reviewed is there anything for improvement.
  2. Graphic and images need to be reviewed as they should be regularly updated.
  3. Checking SEO, Meta titles as well as descriptions to be 100% sure of their effectiveness.
  4. Quarterly testing of all popups, forms and call to action.
  5. Reviewing of work load is important part of website maintenance to see what can be automated.
  6. Check website on various devices and browsers to be sure that it is displaying accurately.
  7. Quarterly reviewing of advertisement and marketing campaigns whether there is anything that needs to be changed.
  8. Quarterly review of your all backups of your website to be assured of its prefect health.

Yearly Task –

  1. Review any references in the current year.
  2. Company must review every webpage to check for content accuracy, grammar, relevancy and typos.
  3. Check all the email addresses to add the new ones and delete all emails that are not being used.
  4. Renew your website domain every year.
  5. If website design update is due it must be done.
  6. Every year company must review all the content and if needed new content must be added to make it more reliable.

We can say website maintenance is a circle it has to be consistently done as ignoring any part of it can cause serious problem for the website health. It is an era of competition to stay in the competition it is important that website maintenance should be regularly done.

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