How to keep your WordPress Website Secure cqpchd
05 Mar

WordPress is an open source scrip so it’s just natural for a business or company to worry about its security as it is more prone to get attacked by a hacker.But before one thinks about securing WordPress it is must to know it.Wordpress is today most popular and very easy way to create and have a website. As well as blogs. Data shows that today more than 40% of websites has WordPress as its source.Nearly 1 out 4 websites is made with the help of WordPress.

Few years back WordPress was used only for blogging but thanks to massive changes in its core code now a days it is easy to create any type of websites.If we talk of it in technical terms WordPress it is a content management system which is open source licensed under GPLv2.Wordpress is much convenient to use and modified by anyone for free.

When we talk about WordPress it means self-hostedwordpress under which is simply best way to own your website as it is free.Every person or company owning a website must think about making their website secure from hackers.main question is what steps can be taken to secure ones websites, let us explore some tips –

1. To secure the website one can use lockdown feature as a security measure to counter the problem of Brute force attack.In this way whenever there is a hacking attempt with repetitive passwords the website gets automatically locked and one knows about this activity which is unauthorised.

2. One can use two factor authentication code like it can be regular password plus there can be secret code or characters or a question.Thisactivity makes sure only can open your website not anyone else.

3. Instead of using the user name for login use email ID as they hard to crack down.wordpress website user account uses unique email address so only a known person can open it.

4. Make ahabit to changeyour passwords frequently to provide security to your website.Create a unique password by including along with numbers,lower and upper case letters and include special letters to make it strong.

5. Wp-admin directory is crucial in WordPresswebsites so one can avoid any type of illegal login by putting a password in directory.One password can be at login page and second for admin directory to make it safe and secure.

6. Company can use SSL( secure socket layer) certificate to make admin directory more secure asit allows safe data transfer from server to browsers .this certificate is easy to get either purchase from a third party or one can check if your hosting company is giving you for free.

7. It is reality however safe your WordPress website is it always helps to take regular backup.havinga proper backup means one can restore the website any moment.

8. Wp-config.php file that hold the most important information about the installation of website is the most crucial file in root directory.One has to take measures to protect it so its simple move this file to more higher level as compared to your root directory

9. It is always best to have adequate protection from DDOS attack which are meant to spoil files but it is to crash the site altogether.normally these attck happen to big companies by cyber terrorists.sig up for Succuri or Cloudflare plans to create firewalls around website by guessing the bandwidth being used and blocking DDOS attack completely.

Any person or business can make WordPress website secure by following these tips, be particular about website security from any hacker or illegal breakdown.

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