Importance of Web Design for E-commerce cqpchd
20 Feb

In past few years, the trends are moving to the online stores and this growth has been beneficial to people who are doing the business. It has generated gainful employment for many people. Research data shows many businesses/companies with a good website has generated substantial amount of revenue.

This online store has given consumer much more convenience to shop in the privacy of their homes/offices while travelling. As a result, e-commerce has increased over the years, as most companies consider as an important part of their business now. E-commerce website must provide all the solutions or help that a customer needs when he logs into the website. It’s all about giving a pleasant experience to users.

E-commerce websites they have to be unique with better functions in their designs and sufficient graphics, payment options, shopping cart and other necessary information. It’s important for the company to hire a professional company for designing their E-commerce website because company online business depends upon effectiveness of their websites,

A good web design has importance for E-commerce as the competition is severe and there are many companies who are targeting the customers. So a website must have all the necessary elements to attract and engage the customers for shopping.

Tips for good E-commerce Website Design

Companies must follow some tips for their E-commerce website to be effective enough to attract customers.

  1. Relevant content — Content is the lifeline of every website it has to relevant, meaningful and innovative particularly the home page. It is necessary if the company targeting for the good customer base and also a good rank in Google search results. Company has to provide complete information about their products & services on the website.
  2. Product specifications — E-commerce website should have the details of all the products with proper specifications. Though they should be short but easy to understand by users. Even for SEO purpose providing short and effective product descriptions is crucial.
  3. Accurate image description — E-commerce website has number of images and they should be accurately described. Use relevant keywords and descriptions that have meaning to be more effective.
  4. Loading speed — Even with a good content if the website take longer than 3 minutes to load data says customers will leave the website. So a website must take less time to load for this purpose content and images must not hinder the loading speed of website.
  5. Mobile-friendliness — E-commerce website has to be mobile friendly as majority of buying transactions are done through it. As per the Google instructions ranking in the search results is also determined on the basis of mobile friendly website.
  6. Convenient for customers — Website of online store must be convenient for the customers as this increase the chances of buying goods and services. If the website is easy to understand by a customer it will provide a good shopping experience to the users that increases the brand reputation of the company.

Having a good E-commerce website take lot of resources and time so it is a costly affair. So it should be design keeping in view convenience of customers. Data shows 50% of the people they admit website design is the most crucial element in deciding the effectiveness of a company as a brand.

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