Importance of online Review for business cqpchd
20 Feb

Importance of online reviews is increasing for most business/company as per the data nearly70% of customer behaviour is influenced by onlinereview.Whether customer is buying a product or service online reviews of different customers are paid attention. Even the Google ranks review sites at top position of search results so normally people read the review about different products.

Today there are number of review sites like Yelp, trip advisor and Google +which are used by customers to leave reviews and many uses these reviews to decide about purchasing a product. As per the data collected by Moz nearly 72% of customers agree that their purchase decision is influenced by reviews. This underlines the importance of online review for business /companies so positive reviews can get better conversions.

Research studies clearly shows trust of 88% of customers on online reviews and nearly75% of customers admit the importance of positive reviews. Business or companies can encourage the customer to leave a positive reviews. Many Restaurants and stores tempt the customers to leave a positive review online to get 10% discount.Though every business house does not offer discounts for positive reviews but still many companies use it to give a thrust to their business

There are instances many times customers leave a negative review which is an indication of bad service .negative reviews can prove to be very destructive for business so it’s always best to solve the problem customer faced. It is important for company to improve their customer service and make sure that customer is satisfied .if a customer is not satisfied by product it is best to exchange the product to win the heart of customer.

Online reviews are important for every business or company so let’s go through some reasons to see why they are so crucial—

1. Online reviews influence the buying decisions as nearly 88% of customers read as well trust these reviews. It is really astonishing that online reviews and recommendations have credibility for customers though they are written by strangers.Most business and companies give due importance to online reviews as it provides them marketing opportunity.

2. Companies who encourage online customer reviews on their websites stand better in organic search rankings. Every review on website about a product or service increases credibility of business that enhances the ranking in search results.

3. Even Google while considering ranks takes into account data from the online review sites like yelp and trip advisor. These review sites give reviews about business in totality rather than giving reviews about separate products. These reviews give a glimpse of whether customers are buying your products and what they have to say about your customer service.

4. Online reviews about a product or service can lead to more conversions. Reviews do not have to be all positive as such type of review makes customer suspicious. Reviews can be mixture of positive and negative also as it looks more natural to customer .negative or positive reviews must be honest but company must take care that negative reviews should not overpower positive reviews.

5. Importance of online reviews is day by day increasing as Google now gives due weightage to it in rankings. Online reviews are going to stay so the companies who are using them effectively are gaining a lot in terms of better visibility.

Summing up we can say every company must have a function for reviews on their website to get good organic ranking and its benefits numbers of consumers while making a purchase.

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