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20 Feb

NO doubt videos and images are much more effective but it would be wrong to think that blogging is out dated thing. This is only a misconception about blogging as the reality is that blogging is an important part of content marketing. Blogging has evolved a lot since its first time use in 1990, it was then used as platform to share a person views, thoughts, experiences or opinions. Today it has grown professionally as it is now a day’s incorporated in content marketing strategies by most companies and businesses.

As it is quite easy and simple to launch a blog to connect with their targeted group of audience. The truth is that blogging is really worth, as trends of year 2018 and coming year shows it is going to be a crucial part.There are two data figures, firstis that if company has blog as part of their content marketing they have 434% better chances of getting a good rank on SERP.Secondly, business companies using blogging in their content strategy get 67% more leads.

There are many reasons that most companies give importance to blogging—

1. Blogging remained popular in this year as around 52% of companies consider blogging highly crucial part of content marketing. Email marketing was second with 40%,then content marketing with 40%,followed by eBooks, webinars and video marketing got 30%.

2. Excellent for in depth material— No doubt videos have moreengagement power but the reality is when we need detailed information about any topic blogging is preferred. A company always uses blog when the content of article is to more than 2000 words. It can be used for information purpose with aim to have better communication with customers.

3. Blogs has credibility—Blogging has much more credibility than any other content form as it is the 5th most trustworthy source for getting any type of information online. Most companies use blogging to provide information about any topic of customer concern. It enhances the brand power of company differentiating it from competitors.

4. Improves websites SEO—One of the main benefits of blogging is that its improves the website’s SEo.Google has become more alert about the blogs of the company .if blogs are relevant to business, updated and new ones are added, it can benefit a website.Research data shows 75% of users search of content on first page of Google so to improve ranks one has to concentrate on blogging in an accurate way.

5. Company gets more inbound links—Companies that use blogging as part of their content marketing strategy get 97% of links to their websites. We can aptly say that good inbound links is like lifeline and currency as a company with good quality of links improves the rankings on search engines.

6. 55 % of the companies/businesses admit that blogging always deliver the desired results. Almost all bloggers see blogging as a good return on investment.

7. Blogs provides company better opportunity to have a lasting relations with the help of a comment section at the end of blog. Customers feedback benefits the company and also they can be asked to share the blog they like most.

8. Blogging is today far more effective than advertising, mostusers read blogs to have better information about company.

9. Blogging in these years has evolved much so companies providecreative, innovative and thorough written information to users. Customer is today more knowledgeable as they want innovative blogs with complete information. So blogging takes business people out of their comfort zone.

Blogging today is inevitable part of content marketing strategy that companies cannot think of ignoring if they have to improve their ranks on search engine results.

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