Importance of backlinks for SEO
01 Mar

Link building is a crucial part of SEO campaigns done with an aim to increase the number as well as quality of inbound links to website.Main aim is always to improve the search engine ranking of website.We can say it is a process of getting hyperlinks or links from other websites that enhances the brand power of company which benefits in form of good rank in search engines.

Links can be of many types

  1. Editorial links–These links are naturally given by owner of other website to a website for quality content and marketing strategies. One cannot ask for such links
  2. Resource link — These hyperlinks to particular website are acquired due to its excellent content that has the power to attract more users. These links are very popular these days.
  3. Acquired links–These links are acquired by website owner by paying link .these are paid linking, link advertising and directory links.
  4. Reciprocal links — These links are done mutually between two websites to attract relevant traffic.
  5. Forum signature linking — These links are one of the best and fastest method to acquire inbound links for SEO purpose.
  6. Directory links — Website directories are list of links to website sorted into different categories. Website owners can submit their site to these directories fir free or on payment.
  7. Image linking –– It is a method to submit images and infographics to image directories to link them back to a specific URL.

Everyone wants to know about link creation and it has four parts–

Anchor or beginning–First part of link is known as anchor which is identified by ‘a’. This is an opening to link tag indicating the search engine about the link.

Referred locations – It shows clearly the location where URL points and it is known by ‘herf’.if it starts with # it is indication of link leading to varied sections of same page.

Visible part– Visible part is shown in blue ink and is underlined to indicate that it is a clickable link.

Closure part–It is the fourth and final part that means that link is complete now.

Benefits of quality backlinks

  • Builds brand authority – Linking to a website with high authority increases the brand authority of website because for more users if the website is link to a website with high credibility number of users on website also increase because now they start trusting website.
  • Aids in brand building – Its true backlinks built the brand image of company, it’s because when the brand name of company is linked with website that has creative and innovative content every time user reads the content they associate it with your website.
  • Attract more traffic – Research data shows nearly 40% of traffic is generated through search engines but we cannot rule out the importance of backlinks. When a company puts links to high quality credibility website. Relevant website of company receives better traffic. This means that such type of traffic is thoroughly related to website because they were referred to the website that means more chances of increasing sales.
  • Generate new customers while maintaining old ones – Good quality backlinks not only help company to maintain existing customer but also attract the new customers. Besides search engines backlink offer an excellent medium for the potential customers to interact with the company with the help of clicking on the links. Even to increase the social media following company must use good quality backlinks.
  • Helps in website promotion – Backlinks help in promoting the website, we can say that website to links back to your website is just like a good friend that introduces you to the new customers.

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