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28 Feb

Content matters but relevancy of content rules the digital campaigns, today there is tons of material one can find on Google. Main question today is the relevancy of content to the company’s website as it is the quality content that differentiate a website from competitor’s website.One has to understand the fact that it is the creative content that brings more sales and revenue for company.All other elements offer a backend support like good design,visuals,videos but certainly, they cannot initiate the selling process.If company wants to attract the targeted group of audience then a creative but yes relevant content matters as it encourages the customers to take action.

Though the content marketing has evolved over years but still many marketers pay more attention to the looks and design of website.Till today content marketers are paid less and even the delivered content is not checked for quality.But one crucial fact is that many digital marketers have started paying attention to the relevant and unique quality content.They now release the value of good quality content so hire good quality content writers to do justice to the job.One has to understand that investment done on content always pays off in form of good sales and better ROI.

Though most people talk about content relevancy but few understand its real meaning as most content writers term good content as static writing with tough flairy word.Inreality, relevant content is more systematic and scientific but the concept of content relevancy must be clear.

  1. Content must be user oriented:–Content must be user oriented as every content is not relevant for all types of audience. Most people term relevancy in content as a static thing but the fact is that relevancy is dynamic. So to be effective it must respond to the needs and requirements of customer.
  2. Clearly understanding what user wants: — From SEO point of view, a successful content must understand the queries of user and it must be able to answer the queries successfully.
  3. Form a list of accurate keywords: — We can’t deny relevancy is all about user orientation it must engage the relevant audience to provide them information they are seeking. To create relevant content company should use long tail keywords that are specific their brand, low search volume and less competition.
  4. Start focusing on SEO:– After selecting keywords it time to go for SEO that means effective optimisation is using the accurate keywords at accurate places. All the website pages must target all the keywords.
  5. Use right keywords in Meta description: — Though Meta descriptions don’t directly affect SEO but they communicate efficiently with user to make website attractive to user. There must be relevancy of title, website URL and of course Meta description.
  6. Write catchy Meta descriptions:–Company must write a catchy Meta descriptions containing relevant keyword, but it is the style of Meta description that matters.
  7. Create an appealing summary: — Company must work smartly to write attractive summary to show the customer relevancy of the content to the website. A good summary proves the relevancy of website and content.
  8. Offer a clear solution to user problems: —Every user when log into a website there is some query or a problem and here content marketing works it must be able to answer the user query.
  9. Be consistent in content creation: — Content creation is not one time process good company is always keep on creating and posting relevant content. Content must be as per the current events and trends that are going on means it should be timeless.
  10. Create long content but stay relevant:– Content can be long or short but it must be relevant to company brand and services.

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