Trends of Social Media That Will Dominate 2019
26 Feb

Social media is revolutionize the marketing trends with its many forms of communication is touching the lives of millions of consumers. Popular social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are continuously adding new creative feature which helps marketing people to enhance their brand power. We are living in era when there is stiff competition so to stay ahead from competitors.

It is must to be aware of social media marketing trends currently and in future and use latest technology as well as skills to get killer results. Year 2019 is here to stay it’s time to keep in pace with changing trends to make strategies for more leads and revenue. Let’s go through some top social media trends 2019.

  1. Text first to visual first – First powerful trend of this year is the move from creative textual content to live videos. Videos dominated the arena last year also, but this year data shows 80% of the content is going to be videos. Best example is YouTube which provides better chances to people by creating and posting innovative video content for their customers. This method produces fruitful results as majority of people love to watch videos.
  2. Arise of live videos – Live videos are going to dominate most social media channel which provides marketing people an opportunity to engage and strengthen the relationship between company as a brand and targeted group of customers. Big companies are already using live videos to engage their customers and building a feeling of trust.
  3. Customer is going to rule – It is a thing of past when the customers was not given due importance to customers as the marketing people use the sales strategies, but this year trend states customer is the king and companies every plan and strategy must be built around the customer. Only those brands will dominate the social media which will deliver exactly the same solutions that customer is demanding.
  4. Trust and transparency – Privacy and security of data was crucial debate last year. This year and coming years company will have to focus in building trust and transparency. But the communication will not be one way it is going to be two way means along with company customer voice also matters. Facebook is taking breach of privacy problem very seriously as it is coming with number of preventing measures to be more transparent while collecting data.
  5. Influencer marketing – Influencer marketing is gaining popularity as it is one of the best methods to attract customers. Big companies can use expensive influencers and small & medium size companies will use micro influencers due to the less budget they can spare.
  6. Customer service – Trend this year clearly states that companies has to give proper service to customer with the help of social media it is easy for the customers to locate their favorite brand. Marketing people they use more of artificial intelligence to provide automatic messages to customer query.

Marketing people are going to use these trends for building long lasting relationship with customers on all social medias to increase their brand presence that means more leads, conversion and better revenue for companies.

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