09 Nov

A good Website designed is certainly of crucial importance to attract the targeted group of customers to the site. There is a never ending list of things that should be kept in mind to make the website a success. In this time of competition creating just an average website is not the solution as there are so many aesthetically created websites nowadays. Competition is getting tougher day by day so to stay ahead among competitors website should be user-friendly.

There are certain key elements that should always be followed as failing to comply with these elements can create a serious problem for the website and company. Each and every page of the website has to be creative as well unique but above all it should give users a memorable experience. There are crucial key elements that increase the functional aspect of the site which should always be followed

  1. Enough Spaces — First and the foremost important element of a good website is to have enough spacing and this is on trend these days. Now a days sites have more spaces between different elements it is always better to keep element close to each other with identical spaces. From a design point of view enough white spaces make the website easily readable than the crammed up elements without spaces.
  2. Easy to use navigation — Navigation of the website has to easier and simple to use, depending on the type of website 5-10 menus can be given in navigation but not more than that. If a company is targeting for a good user experience than the vest mantra will be to use a simple navigation. Easy to use navigation by a user is good as it means the user will stay on site and do more interactions.
  3. About us page — About us page is of primal importance for small companies to explain about the company though the big companies that are a household name don’t need it but still big and small companies use it as a normal practice. This page communicates company’s mission, vision and philosophy but for an effective about us page useless and to the point words as well information. Besides text photographs of products and team can be posted to convey information more efficiently.
  4. Contact information page — There are two options for contact information page either it can be in main navigation or it can contact us page with some additional information. This page displays the telephone and form of contact so the information given must be very clear and precise so that user finds it easier to contact company people for any information.
  5. Call to action or sign up button — Call to action or sign up button is to give company information and to gather the user information so techniques like bright colours with some contrast with some enough spaces would be just perfect. The company should make this form simple and easy to fill various information. To display different types of information contrast colours can be used like buy now, join, download, sign up free to make the process easier for the user.
  6. Search tool — Search tool is to find the older information or to search for new information by the user, this tool is of great importance so keep it simple and on the right side at the top corner where the user can easily locate and use it.
  7. Include eye catchy images — An eye catchy images attract the attention of user much better than text, so the company can use images of products or team of employees to engage the customer in a better way. But one line of cautions is that include only necessary images avoid using too much as it looks bad. A professional photographer can be hired to click and develop some good eye catchy images so that the user like the website.

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