09 Nov

It won’t be wrong to say that we are living in the internet era when most of the people browse websites for products, services and information. It is therefore mandatory for every company/business to make its website attractive and useful for the user. Creation and posting the right content as per brand and services of the company is necessary as it makes easy for the company to engage the users. A good, useful and informative content is certainly one of the best tools of the SEO.

Content is the engine of the website so it is the quality of content that matters and it should able to reflect the company products services and ideology. We term a content as effective if it is able to charm the users reaching the website and induce them to buy the company products and services. Content is not just writing anything but it should have the power to communicate positively with the users by winning their hearts.

An effective should have the quality to convert the users into potential customers so must be persuasive, informative, professional and bit aggressive enough to hold the users. A well-written content is just a good sales person which has the ability to convert the leads into sales. In present times competition is getting tougher so content can take on any form technical writing, BlogSpot, article writing and many more. There are many types of contents prevalent today which the companies/businesses’ are using effectively today. Let’s go through the variety of contents—

1. Blogs—Blogs or BlogSpot is a popular form of content that is usually a person’s opinion and short nearly up to 500 words. Blog content is often written around the keywords and written in a very casual style. It is gaining importance in company’s main marketing strategy as they are perfect when company target is to build up a good relation with its customers. But they should be consistent, regularly optimized, should be linked to the company’s content on the website.

2. Articles—Articles form of content is certainly not the writer’s opinion but surely has some portions from interviews and researches. It has usually more than 500 words means bit lengthy but the keyword inclusion is not mandatory. It stresses more on grammar and spelling and is objective as well as covers the topic from all sides.

3. Case Studies—This type of content contain the deep study of a particular example or any case to provide comprehensive knowledge and actionable information. Case studies are unique, can be shared, informative as it contains genuine data and they are effective when the company is following the straightforward model. It starts with a summary then the solution after the explanation of the solution as the best one. To make case studies interesting focus more on the question why and how.

4. White papers— This type of content is full of details and information so takes pretty long time. They usually have a summary at the top and in case lengthy it should be organized into a section with a table of content just at the start. White papers usually focus on a problem and on the perfect solutions. It is best when the company is focusing on the marketing strategy if its products and services.

5. Infographics—Infographics form of content is gaining popularity as the information is displayed with images which make it easy to understand by every user. They can be easily shared as it already has the backlink in it so the person sharing will also give valuable backlinks that every company needs. Though there are a variety of infographics but for good results company should use the simple one, easy to understand and yes infographics should a have a nice title.

6. Video—Don’t get surprised video is not a content form but it is still the important part of content marketing trends of past 2-3 years tells us that the videos are gaining popularity over the written content as it attracts and engages the user much more effectively than any other content form. Video particularly suits product content and student tutorials more and more user now prefer to watch a video than read the text content. They can be uploaded to youtube, used in content marketing, in social media campaigns or can be paired with blog posts for better results.

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