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19 Mar

Digital marketing is the marketing of product and services with the help of digital technologies. Mainly using digital technologies like internet, phones, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital mediums. Digital marketing has evolved from 1990 to 2000 has changed the way most businesses and companies use these technologies for marketing in day to day life.

Today digital platforms are integral part of everyday life marketing plans, online shopping is becoming trend so digital marketing campaigns are becoming more popular and efficient. Digital marketing methods today increasingly being used SEO, SEM, content marketing, content automation, influential marketing, E-commerce marketing, social media marketing, email direct marketing, display advertising etc.

Digital marketing today is gaining popularity as a career, but the person must have in-depth knowledge of all SEO tools. All digital marketers use digital tools as no person has superpowers with which all the tough task can be done. These tools are effective as they make marketing work more easier and economical.

Let’s go through some digital marketing tools –

  1. Moz – This is use by most digital marketing agency as it helps them manage digital campaigns with good results. Using Moz Pro or Moz local, company can track rankings, keep check on link building strategies and effectiveness of content marketing efforts.
  2. Google Analytics – Google analytics is one of the good gift from the popular giant Google. This tool helps in measuring the traffic to the website and every information about the website.
  3. Semrush – This tool is valuable as most digital marketers and companies use it today to keep a check and improve the website ranking. Marketing people with the help of this tool not only keep a check on website, but also keep an eye on competitors about their search engine rankings, backlinks and other total analysis.
  4. Hot suite – Hot Suite is gaining popularity because marketing people can manage their social media accounts effectively and on time.
  5. Charlie – Charlie is a tool which helps in managing customer relationship very well it benefit digital marketers to understand their relevant customers their likes and dislikes, what they are talking about company social media profiles and company as a brand.
  6. Canva – Canva is really wonderful tools as it can give eyecatchy images to the website. Today all digital marketers use this tool because it make and load customize size images much easier.
  7. Mail Chimp – All email campaigns are handled with the help of mail chimp. Today this tool is used by 8 million users and one of the most effective platforms that is easy to use irrespective of the experience of person.
  8. Oracle Maxymiser – Oracle Maxymiser is undoubtly one of the most superb tool that can test landing pages which are of crucial importance to website because of its capability to run various tests at the same moment makes it simply the best.

Above mentioned tools they are just a tiny part as they are number of powerful digital marketing tools available as some of them are free while for some fees has to be paid. Whatever tool digital marketer use it is a reality that they provide you much more convenience to work.

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