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SEO is a dynamic and evolving field with every year new practices come in trend, the reason is quite obvious every company/business want to get a higher ranking search engines. Today Search Engine optimization (SEO) has become very crucial for the company to improve the ranking as well as the flow of users so understanding its true meaning of SEO and the opportunities it provides to the businesses.

What is SEO?

SEO to state precisely is a set of rules that are always followed by website owners for the optimization of their website to improve their ranking on search engines. It also helps to an extent to enhance the quality of a website by making it easier to navigate and used by the user.

Importance of SEO—It is a time of severe competition so SEO marketing is gaining popularity as these days there is an increasing number of users who browse the website to find answers to their queries. SEO is gaining importance because

  1. Most users while searching on the search engines click on the first 5-6 website on the results page so to get a good rank it is must to adopt best SEO practices
  2. SEO is also about using the good practices that increase the functional aspect of the website so that the user gets the excellent experience.
  3. Most users trust search engine results so a website with a higher rank has more credibility.
  4. SEO practices are only used to increase the company ranking on Google but also on other social platforms like twitter, Facebook and yahoo.
  5. Good SEO practice help a company to stay ahead of the competition.

Trends in the Year 2018 — As the year 2018 already is 4 months past marketers should use the latest foundation building SEO practices. It is time to avoid the black hat practices to avoid the Google penalties and focus more on white hat practices .let us see the best SEO practices 2018 in trend –

  1. Increasing the Link building Strategy — Data shows that the number of websites expanding their links has a higher rank in google. So this year foremost success mantra is built more links but concentrate more on the quality of links. Quality is always better than quantity when we talk about link building as the Google is getting strict with websites having a number of poor quality links and label them as spam.

What’s out of trend—Last year Google issued a very strict warning to the website against the too much guest posting on the low credible sites. A website posting articles with spamming links will change the Google perception of the site affecting its rankings.

What’s in trend—this year link building will gain increasing importance as the trends point out but certainly the good quality links. Better quality links are going to pay so linking the website with higher authority site is the mantra for winners.

Companies should avoid quantity of links but yes quality matters, 1 good back link is much better than 100 low-quality links.

The creation of relevant inbound and outbound links to the sites having credibility matters.

Increase the reciprocal linking means links from company website to the good quality site and getting links from the good quality site to company’s website.

  1. The creation of creative useful content — Google has made its stance clear to bet a better rank as well as traffic creation of useful creative content that answers the user’s queries is a must. The year 2018 trends show that first page in search ranking is given to websites who are concentrating on user experience. Posting lots of poor quality content is thing of past. Website using best SEO practices but having low-quality content will not work this year.

What’s out of trend—Treat content as the engine of the website so flooding your sites with poor quality content is going out of trend as Google is getting tougher with sites using out of trend contents.

What’s in trend—this year trend favor that the website should have relevant, useful, informative content to the user, of excellent quality and off course credibility matters. So company’s investing in the good quality content is going to have a good rank and traffic both.

  1. Concentrate more on keywords — Keywords have always been important but this year they will hold a vital place in the SEO so using the right keywords and doubling the keywords already being in use is the latest trend.

What’s out of trend—keyword stuffing is out of trend so forget about loading the website with too many keywords. This is a type of manipulation done to get good ranks but Google is going to penalize such sites.

What’s in trend—trends this tear favour towards using keyword proximity, Keyword density, keyword frequency, keyword stemming to target for a better rank and traffic both. Companies can even set up keywords libraries and keep it updated to stay ahead of competitors.

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