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13 Mar

Domain name is an address of the website on the internet very much unique as a person phone number. There is an international address system which is known as DNS developed with a purpose that every computer’s connection to internet has its own address that is unique to every person. Suppose a company’s domain name is DNS will view it as numbers like 123.456.789.10. These set of numbers is known as IP address full form Internet Protocol address.

Instead of numbers domain system uses names as it is difficult for most people to remember different numbers as address location. Domain name has two levels top level and second level. Every domain name starts with www this is known as second level domain the part that follows this is top level domain.

A user can reach the website by first typing sub domain that is www and then the domain. Sub domains can also be added to reach a particular page on the website. For example It is interesting to know that only one person/company can have a particular domain name at a time. Suppose a person wants a particular domain but it has been already registered person has to search for another domain name.

Top level domains .com is most popular and generic domain there can be domain on the country name also that normally use two letter country code like .uk for United Kingdom. There are so many other domain names that are popular like .net, .org, .biz, .info to name just a few. Many of these domain names has a purpose like .org is for organisations, .info for informational websites.

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is the address of website on internet and it tells a lot about type of website so domain name must be very short and as per the business or company. If a company is using many words in the domain name they can be separated using hipen. A long domain name without a hipen looks odd. If a company wants to have a particular domain name but if it is already registered company can try other alternate suffixes like is already registered the company can choose both will be treated as separate domain names.

Registering a Domain 

After choosing a domain name the company has to register it. It is the decision of the company people for how long they want to register it. It can be from 1-10 years. Company has to pay a definite fees to register a domain name, most people think they owned a domain name but the fact is that you simply register a domain name and not own it. It is crucial for the company to get the domain registered with the trustworthy company as registering a domain with the company that does not have much credibility there can be happenings when a client registered a particular domain name only to realize it later that this domain name has already being registered.

Company/business must make sure that registration of the domain should be proper and they must have full access to domain with login and password.

The final step is the hosting the website. Today there are many companies who do domain name registration and also host the websites but the fact is that whatever company you choose for website must have expertise and experience in the same line.

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