Social Media Strategy to Increase the Business exposure

With the advancement in technology it is a reality that internet users are increasing every year, thatswhy 86% of marketing people believe the value of online presence on social media. Data shows approx. 70% of companies either have full-fledged digital marketing team or a person to look after social media campaigns.
Today most companies big or small acknowledge the importance of social media to engage their customers in a fruitful way. Undoubtly social media is one of the most powerful tool of digital marketing that helps to increase the brand presence of company.

In this digital age no. of users now prefer to buy a product or services online. This increasing no. of users encourages the companies to use digital platform to enhance their online presence with the aim to connect with their group of customers, whether MNC or a small company it is mandatory now to have a dignified presence on the internet. Almost all companies are using unique social media marketing strategies to achieve their goals that is to convert more leads to sale.

Following are the strategies that most companies are using today:
1. Increasing visibility on all social media: — Almost all companies they strive hard to be visible on all social medias. Facebook is indeed the most popular social media with 760 million daily users. Apart from Facebook users also like twitter, Google plus, pinterest, snapchat and Instagram to name a few. Winning mantra of successful companies is to have a dominant social media presence in all popular social medias.

2. Customising content as per the social media:— Many companies they commit the mistake of posting same kind of content on all social medias, but the fact is that successful companies they customize their content as per particular social media to get the desired results.

3. Using unique way to sell the product: — While using social media platforms digital marketer should use some interesting and unique ways to tell people about their brand, it should be as interesting as telling a nice story. So post some new content, some nice pictures & videos about the company and services.

4. Creation and sharing pictures, videos and content consistently: —Successful marketing people they always create and share some creative videos and exciting pictures to attract the users to their websites. Most users love to watch videos and pictures on the website.

5. Conducting various types of contests and some unique promotional activities is one of the most workable strategy on social media to attract your target audience.

6. Posting of interesting educational content: — One of the best strategies that MNC’s use is to maintain blogs where relevant content is regularly posted. This strategy increases the online presence of company on social media and generate 67% more leads.

7. Offering discounts on popular products also proves beneficial for the company it makes the customer loyal towards the company. Giving discounts on products which your target audience uses is a way to popularise your brand.

8. Concentrating on mobile users: — Data states 556 million mobile daily users are using the internet and year by year mobile users are increasing. Marketing people are conscious of mobile power and they create & post more content and also advertise their product & services across all social media.

9. A good company should always respond positively and quickly to the comments, inquires, complaints and suggestion of customers.

10. Increase the social listening is the last but not the least powerful strategy of all digital marketers. They should be aware of the issues important topics and accurate keywords that their group of customers are talking about so that company should deliver the same customer is demanding.

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