March 14, 2020

SEM is a type of internet-based marketing. It is defined as the series of activities that are planned for increasing visibility of a website in the search engines through both free and paid processes. The main goal of these processes is to increase the visibility of a site and gain traffic, in order to increase sales and conversions. It mainly helps in increasing the visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs).

                                                         It includes:

  • PPC: PPC stands for pay per click and it is the part of paid reach in the SEM where you need to pay each time when someone clicks on your ad.
  • CPC: CPC stands for cost per click which is the amount of money you pay for one click on your ad, which is specified in the advertising campaign settings. (how much you pay when someone clicks on your ad)
  • CTR: CTR stands for click through rate. These are the number of clicks you got on your website from people that saw the ad.
  • CPM: It stands for cost per mile represents cost per thousand impressions. It is one of the advertising payment plans, where you pay the price per thousands views.
  • SERP: SERP stands for search engine result page. It is the list of results displayed by the search engines as the response to the search query.
  • ROI: ROI stands for return on investment. It is a ratio used to help to calculate profitability. ROI compares investment and results in order to determine benefits from the marketing campaign.

                      SEM is important for business growth: 

  1. SEM brings in more qualified leads: SEM is not all about driving traffic. It helps us to find the potential customers. With SEM you can directly manage and control you r ideal customers by making custom ads that focus on a particular age. You will also minimize the amount on unwanted clicks on your paid ads it saves your CPC and budget.
  • SEM reaches your prime target: SEM allows you to get really focused in on your target customers. Every business wants to have consistent amount of web traffic and business visibility and profitable sales. This enable you to manage the traffic to your website.
  • You only pay when you get the results: If you are advertising through Google or Bing, you only pay when people click on your ad which means you only pay for the individuals who show an interest in your ad and not for those who are just scrolling it.
  • It’s the quickest way to be first: Having paid promotion gives you an average shot of being at the highest point of the SERPs if your keyword offer is sufficiently high and your quality score is great.

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