Why Choose Customized web design over Template Design

An attractive and better functional website plays an important role in portraying company as a brand. It also provides business/company a platform to engage users telling them about their products and services. Aim is also to target for a good conversion rates to generate increased revenue for company. Process starts with decision to have website for business or company if they do not have one before. After the decision to have a website it is time to approach a professional website development agency for getting the task done.

There are two types of alternates one is Customized website, second is Template design which can be created at a low budget. Trend today is to opt for customized website as there is lot of competition among companies so goal is always to stand differentiated.But it is always nice to know and compare the two– customized and template web design.

What is template web design—Website template is a webpage that has been pre designed but customized images and content can be added to it. Many people make their websites using templates without taking the help of a professional web designer. Template for designing websites are used by many web designers to design websites at low cost for small business or personal websites.

Let us go through the features of template web design —
• It takes less time to develop websites using templates.
• Cost of designing website is less.
• Template websites cannot be differentiated much so many time there is possibility that your competitor is also using same template.
• Customization of website is very tough.
• Website may not be as per SEO guidelines.
• It may not works perfectly good for all browsers.
• Template website do not have a good support system.
• Content, images have to adjust to fit into fixed areas on template.
• These websites can be created without the knowledge of HTML/css coding.

Customized websites— As the name clears these websites are developed as per the needs of a particular company or business. These websites are developed by an expert team to whom client clears the target audience,goals,looks and functional part of website. While developing these websites it is kept in mind to build a SEO friendly website.

Customized website are developed by following certain rules so they are superior to template web design.These websites take a long time as every element is built from ground level and is as per the requirement of particular business /company. These websites are responsive so perform well in all search engines and multiple screens.

Benefits of customized website— There are numerous benefits of customized websites that’s why they are preferred by most web designers and clients today—

> Customized website are always unique as they represent a business as a brand and are as per the needs of particular company.
> These websites are adaptable so changes can be carried out as per the needs.
> Customized websites always works perfectly on all browsers.
> These websites are designed as per the rules of search engines so perform well on all search engines.
> These website are built from base so take more time as well as cost while developing it.
> With coming of new technology carrying out changes are more convenient and also easy.
> Customized websites are built by a professional team so they are always technically supported.
> These websites are built by using organized codes so are search engines friendly.

Template web design are still in use and for small business, they offer a good solution. But when one talks about search engine friendliness and a differentiation from competitors then customized website are better than template. These websites are unique and as per the business of company so represent the brand image of any business in a more efficient manner as they are always unique.

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