SEO Best Tools—2018

SEO is a dynamic and continuous process to improve the websites organic rankings on the search engines and also providing various other avenues to reach to with customers in a better way. It in short means to increase the quantity and quality of users also to improve the sites rankings. To put it simply SEO is all about making sure that the website always appears on the top 4-5 ranks in search engine result page when a user types keyword related to the company products/services.

Today every company /business understand the importance of SEO as the competition is getting tougher so even a good knowledge of SEO is not going to do any help. There so many other things that need to be researched, planned and strategies should be made accordingly, yes talking about SEO tools. There are so many SEO tools available these days now out of which company has to selects which one best suits them, the best thing is that many of them are free.
Let us go through some of the best SEO tools 2018 that can help a company to improve their rankings and online marketing both

1. Authority Spy — Besides an interesting name this is one of the best Site rank and link building tool. The company can with the help of this tool search and analyse the influential people as well blogs on the internet. It becomes easy for a company to communicate with influential people in their target market and the best part of this tool is that one gets search result data from various social channels. Since from past 2-3 years influencer marketing is gaining popularity so the company can search influencers to gain a winning edge.

2. Buzz Stream — Buzz stream is also one of the best SEO tools to identify the websites from where back inks can be taken making the process of link building easy as well effective. This tool searches Contact information,manages and communicates the link opportunities, sent link requests, as well successfully monitoring the received back links. The best thing about this tool is that company can devote more time building good links than wasting time on spreadsheet and monitoring.

3. Haro (help a reporter out) — Haro is not a traditional SEO tool its new one whose working is very simple. To start with company signs and provides information about the company to a journalist and it suits him/her company gets the opportunity to be a source for stories and information. The company has to simply answer the question journalist is asking for and it is beneficial for both special company as their name is listed in the articles.Haro is simply best for brand building and it is an easy, simple,free and extremely powerful tool.

4. Linkody — One of the superb tools it helps the company from wasting time and productivity, it notifies the company when aback link is lost and also providing other useful information. Linkody can be used to keep an eye on competitors website rank as every time they get a link company is notified by email. The company can therefore concentrate on the link building and website progress can be checked step by step.

5. Ontotolo — Main purpose of this tool is to track down the link opportunities in the form spreadsheet so that the company can pick the links that best suits them. So even if the company gets few good links it is always worth from the SEO point of view.

6. Ahrefs — This is a wonderful tool which helps the company by telling them who is linking to their website and full details about their competitor’s website. Its best thing is that you will always know from where the links are coming and also the lost back links.

7. Copyscape — Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker which helps to detect the duplicate content and also to make sure similar types of content appears on other websites or not.With the help of this tool, the company makes sure the uniqueness of its content so as to rank for a good position in search engine results. A person has to enter URL for a website or ablog, this tool will tell you where else this particular content exists online.

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